Tile Contractor Insurance In California

What You Need to Know About Tile Contractor Insurance in California

If you are adept in pulling and placing tile, then you probably think that you’re ready to start your own tile company, or kitchen and bathroom remodeling business. However, having the right training, talent and skills is hardly enough. Before you can get started as a licensed contractor, you will need to invest in tile contractor insurance in California. Without it, no desirable client will ever be willing to hire you.

People and companies have the responsibility of protecting their own legal and financial interests. When it comes to hiring skilled professionals to work in their businesses or homes, the first and most important thing for these entities to do is to make sure that contractors or prospective contractors have the right forms of coverage in place. As such, you will often be asked to submit a copy of your most recent insurance certificates. If you cannot do this, you will likely be automatically out of the running for a lot of paying projects that are being offered.

You also must think about the legality of operating a business without first binding all necessary insurances. In the State of California, functioning as a licensed contractor with employees, but without workers compensation coverage, is illegal. Thus, not only will you have to cover the damages of a liability event right out of your own pocket, but you may be subject to several considerable fines and fees as well. In fact, the CA CSLB will not issue or renew your contractor’s license until you are able to provide valid proof of workers compensation coverage, or an acceptable exemption form.

There are a variety of coverages that every contractor should obtain, including general liability insurance and workers compensation policies. Many of your customers will ask for you to show proof of coverage. It protects your customers against the losses and damages that could occur when contractors are present on and working on their properties. With flooring contractors insurance in California, flooring companies can assure their clients that if any of their employees suffer slip and fall accidents while on the jobsite, the clients would be protected from most damages.

For instance, if you are pruning a tree in someone’s yard and a large branch falls causing damage to a building structure or to a nearby vehicle, landscapers insurance in California is the coverage that is going to help protect you. There are a number of exposures that this type of coverage is meant to guard. It is good form of protecting your client and yourself from damages the can happen while doing the work for your company offers.

All contractors have liability exposure that needs coverage. There is simply no getting around this fact. It is important to note, however, that all companies have their own, unique range of coverage needs. As such, it is important to work with a reputable broker who can help you find the necessary protections. There are many commercial insurance policies that provide a comprehensive range of protections. Working with a broker who specializes in this type of coverage will help protect your business.

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