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Are You Looking For Contractors Surety Bonds?

Do You Need General Liability Insurance As A Contractor In California?

Need To Buy Workers Compensation Insurance As A Licensed Contractor?

Based in Los Angeles, We At CIS Are Also General Contractors And We Understand Your Needs.

Contractor Bonds

Contractor Insurance

Are You Looking For Contractors Surety Bonds?

Do You Need General Liability Insurance As A Contractor In California?

Need To Buy Workers Compensation Insurance As A Licensed Contractor?

Based in Los Angeles, We At CIS Are Also General Contractors And We Understand Your Needs.

California Contractors Insurance

Contractors Insurance Solutions (CIS) specializes in securing tailor made contractors insurance policies and CA contractors license bonds for its clients in southern California. Owned and operated by a licensed California Contractor, CIS is a company that knows the construction industry, and makes it its business to get you bonded so you can get working. With custom-built insurance programs designed to meet your company’s specific needs, you will have the confidence to freely run your business, armed with the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will be covered financially in the event of an accident.

Surety Bonds

Contractors Insurance Solutions offers California contractors insurance and the $15,000 California state contractor’s license bonds required of all contractors by the state of California. Additionally, CIS offers all construction bonds: performance bond, bid bond, payment bond, release bond and all surety bond in Los Angeles.

CIS specializes in all contractors bonds.

LLC employee worker bond. This bond is required by the contractors board to have a LLC contractors license. CIS gets calls everyday for quotes for this bond because of this requirement. In January 2012 the California contractors board started issuing LLC contractors license. Most of the time we get these request the contractor doesn't know about all of the requirements the LLC has to get licensed. Since we have contractors licensing services we are able to change the application over to a corporation license to avoid all of the insurance requirements for the LLC contractor license to save you money and time. Many people have been told to get an LLC license that's the way to go by their accountant or adviser but unfortunately it turns out to be the wrong decision because they don't know the requirements of the contractors board for the LLC contractors license. The price for these bonds are from $2,500 to $15,000. The bond company rates this bond on credit score and financial strength of the LLC company. Most of the time this LLC contractor license is issued is to out of state contractors who want to register there out of state LLC in California. The majority of these bonds sold are for that purpose. CIS will find you a great price on your $100,000 LLC Employee/Worker Bond

Disciplinary Bond for contractors is one of CIS specialties. When a contractor has an issue or complaint sometimes the contractors board requires the contractor to get a disciplinary bond for 2 years. The first thing to do is to find out and verify what the bond amount requirement is. Most of the disciplinary bonds for the contractors board in California are for $15,000 and some are $30,000. These bonds are priced according to the contractors credit score. Don't worry about your credit score on this one. Most of the applicants score for this bond is usually low. CIS will do its best to find you a bond at a great price. Many contractors are not happy to have to get this bond for their license. But the other side of this is you can still have an active license instead of it being revoked.

Contractors License Bond for $15,000 is required to have an active license in California. CIS specializes in having the best price for applicants with bad credit scores. Many other companies advertised extremely low prices for these bonds at $69 dollars. Most of these advertisements if not all are refereed to as aggressive advertising. Just remember if it looks to good to be true it probable is. CIS is able to sell the best prices available by all the different companies they represent. We are constantly shopping for the best prices for our clients.

SBA Bonds are a big help for contractors who don't have the collateral or financial strength to qualify for a bid bond and performance bond. CIS has helped new contractors get their first bonds in their career. There are also construction projects that are being financed by an SBA loan. These loans require the contractor have a bond to protect the SBA loan. These bonds are difficult to get because the majority of bond companies only write bonds to protect public money. There are many reasons why bond companies don't write these bond. CIS has been able to get bonds for contractors in this situation. If you need a bond to bid on a job an SBA bond is something to consider. Also if you are required to have a performance bond because the project is being funded by an SBA loan you have come to the right place.

Contractors Workers Compensation Insurance

Contractors Insurance Solutions specializes in California workers compensation for contractors. Workers Compensation is a state requirement in California for any business that has employees. Contractors Insurance Solutions works with each individual contractor to develop an in-depth understanding of the precise nature and needs of his or her business. This personal touch allows CIS to provide its clients with the optimal coverage and rate. CIS specialises in working only with contractors on workers compensation insurance. CIS is able to save you money and time by understanding your needs and the work process contractors go through. We understand you may not always have employees and there is down time between jobs. CIS can quote State Fund insurance and many other contractors workers compensation insurance companies. CIS is a specialist when it comes to contractors workers compensation insurance. We understand the contractors business process when it comes to workers compensation insurance.

Contractors General Liability Insurance

Contractors Insurance Solutions Los Angeles offers contractors general liability insurance coverage for your business. Purchasing contractors general liability insurance is an ideal way to ensure that you and your company are protected should any claims or damages occur during the operation of your business or after the completion of a project. CIS specializes on finding great construction liability insurance in California. When working with our clients CIS spends the time to find out what your business does so we can figure out who is the best insurance company for you. We consider the type of work and the coverage needed and what insurance company has the best coverage for your protection and job requirements. CIS will get you a quote and your policy the same day you request a quote. Many times contractors are under a time restraint to get their general liability insurance to start a job. If you are in a hurry to get insured you have called the right insurance broker.

  • Subcontractors Insurance
  • Insurance required by the CSLB contractors state license board
  • All insurance required by construction loans and needed for financing construction projects
  • Insurance for spec homes and new homes

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