Frequently Asked Questions

The contractors board is under the department of consumer affairs. The main focus is to protect the consumer or home owner. The license bond for $25,000 is there in-case the consumer is take advantage of by the contractor. If there is a dispute about the work being done they can make a claim on the bond.

It depends on the credit score of the contractor.

Contractors buy general liability insurance to protect there project and work being done.

It depends on what the requirements are. If you are doing residential insurance you will most likely need a $1 million dollar policy. If you are doing commercial projects it may require a $2 million dollar policy.

You still can have workers compensation insurance. It just depends on how you set up the policy. CRS specializes in putting contractors insurance policies together so they work for your business process.

CRS has been working with many different bond companies to make sure you get the best bond.

CRS offers all contractors service in California.

CRS has been offering competitive pricing to all contractors by having different insurance companies to choose from.

CRS only offers A+ rated bonds for our clients.

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