Should I Cancel My Insurance Early?

Have you ever wondered if it’s a good idea to cancel your insurance policy early? This question has frequently been raised in my office, prompting me to delve into the matter. Let’s examine the advantages and drawbacks of canceling your insurance prematurely, particularly if your construction job ended sooner than expected or if you decided to cease business operations altogether.

Construction Lawyer’s Response

To gain insights, I consulted with an attorney who shared an important perspective. If you cancel the policy early, there is a possibility that the insurance company could challenge any claims made, arguing that there was a breach of contract due to non-fulfillment of the agreed terms. Bearing this in mind, my recommendation is to exercise caution when considering canceling your policy early, even if you anticipate receiving a premium refund.

Why It Might Be Okay

If your policy is substantial with a high premium, then canceling it early might warrant some consideration. However, if the policy is not significantly large, I strongly advise against canceling prematurely to reclaim a portion of the premium. Doing so could weaken your coverage and, more importantly, provide the insurance company the opportunity to challenge future claims that may arise months or even a year later. By canceling midterm or near the end, you would be seen as breaching the contract, giving the insurance company more leverage to dispute a claim.

Ending Policy Terms May Change Coverage

Based on the attorney’s counsel, my answer is clear: it is not advisable to cancel your insurance policy early. This advice likely applies universally to all types of insurance. Terminating your policy prematurely opens the door for the insurance company to challenge potential claims, leaving you vulnerable without the necessary coverage when you need it most.

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