Navigating Non-Renewal Claims: A Guide

When faced with a non-renewal notice from your insurance company, it’s important to know that you have options. One effective approach is to request reconsideration of the non-renewal decision. This involves gathering supporting documentation from various sources, such as attorneys and claims adjusters, and presenting a comprehensive case to the insurance company.

The Reconsideration Process

The first step in this process is to collect all relevant information and documentation related to your claim. This might include legal documents, correspondence with claims adjusters, and any other pertinent evidence. Once you have compiled this information, you can submit it to the insurance company with a request for them to reconsider their decision not to renew your policy. Highlight the reasons why the policy should be renewed and present your supporting documents.

Success Rates and Confidence

It might surprise you to learn that this method can be quite effective. In my experience, I am successful in getting policies renewed about 50% of the time. This approach requires confidence and diligence, but it is often worth the effort to keep your insurance policy with the same company.

The Importance of Continuity

Maintaining your insurance policy with the same company has significant benefits. Continuity in your coverage helps prevent lapses and ensures that your prior years of insurance remain intact. This consistency is crucial if a new claim arises, as it simplifies the process. Instead of dealing with multiple insurance companies arguing over payment responsibilities, you only have to deal with one.

When Reconsideration Fails

If the reconsideration request is denied, the next step is to approach the insurance market anew. This involves explaining the circumstances of the previous claim and demonstrating why such an incident is unlikely to recur. By presenting your case effectively, you can persuade other insurers that the risk is low and that they should consider writing a policy for you.

The Role of an Experienced Broker

Navigating these situations is much easier with the help of a knowledgeable insurance broker. A broker who understands the intricacies of the industry can advocate on your behalf, leveraging their expertise to explore all possible options for policy renewal or finding new coverage.


While receiving a non-renewal notice can be stressful, knowing that you have strategies to address it can provide peace of mind. Whether through requesting reconsideration or finding new coverage, working with a skilled broker can help you maintain continuous insurance protection and avoid potential complications.

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